Jonathan Lane Hooker
                                                    Supporting People Through Change                                                
     My work involves understanding and managing change                                      

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About me

I am an English Psychotherapist and Counsellor who has been living in Barcelona for three and a half years. I graduated in Industrial Management at Loughborough University in the UK in 1979 and spent six years in industry. Following that I worked as a university lecturer for three and a half years at Brunel University in West London. During this time I specialised in Organisational aspects of organisations and in the culture and style of organisations. I was then recruited by PA Consulting Group in London to work in Organisational Development and spent five years specialising in complex organisational change, both structural and cultural. During this time I specialised in coaching individuals and teams and designing and implementing change programmes in service industries and manufacturing organisations. This work involved working one to one with individuals and coaching and designing workshops for teams. After five years I became independent and over the next seven years I trained part time with Spectrum Centre for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy to work more deeply with individuals and support them through more personal issues. This coincided with a major personal upheaval involving my divorce and change of work.

 I spent two more years living in France, working part-time as a Psychotherapist and combining my counselling and industrial skills working for a small French company. In September 2005  I moved to Barcelonawith my two sons, and nine months later set up my current therapy practice here.